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Synth Single Review: "Fight Those Invisible Ninjas" by Watch Out For Snakes

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.

Cover Art by NinjaJo_Art

Cover Art by NinjaJo_Art

Watch Out For Snakes’ single Fight Those Invisible Ninjas has the artist’s trademark chip sounds combined richly with other synthesized components to create multi-layered music. The track combines classic 8-bit video game sensibilities with a soundscape that takes hold of the ears and won’t let go.

The tune opens with a harsh, growling pulse of edged synth with a rapidly pounding beat that launches energetically and is matched by those pulses. The 8-bit lead has a bright quality to it as plays a cascading melody, reminiscent of classic Capcom or Konami action game soundtracks.

The lead sings out with a sense of triumph while a nasal-sounding, slightly distorted chip sound moves in shifting pulses underneath it. The lead melody is a little choppy and has a certain melancholy over the strong beat’s throb. A lower chip sound circles as a bouncing pulse of 8-bit sound comes in. There’s a higher tone that climbs in rising waves as the gritty bass pulse goes on.

A solo section sings in a glowing synth sound but the beat underneath it never relents. There’s a guitar-like growl and slower, broken drums move in below a minor key melody with a wavering feeling to it. The track returns to the main melody, slightly pained as the high chip sound calls out over the movement under it.

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