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Synth Single Review: "Faith (Lost In Space)" by Kal-Elle Jagger & Syst3m Glitch

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Kal-Elle Jagger & Syst3m Glitch’s Faith (Lost In Space) is about feeling unmoored and leaning back on faith to get through. Flashing, nasal synths burst out in a flaring line and sweeping drums brush as the guitar’s cutting brightness forms a dancing line.

Kal-Elle Jagger’s airy vocals surge with emotion and expression. The guitar has an angular dynamism over the popping drums while the bass provides a solid underpinning. Kal-Elle Jagger’s voice is alive and rich, expressing the lyrics powerfully.

The volleying, round bass supports the soaring vocal melody as a xylophone adds a woodsy sound. Guitar flies out in a bursting line and the xylophone ripples as the drums throb and the bass pulses. Kal-Elle’s Jagger's vocals are strong and capture the hope and struggle in the lyrics.

Our narrator begins by saying that when “you’ve drifted, given up in space” that’s the time to hear the internal voice of faith. She says that when she was “lost in the night” she saw a shining light. As it moved towards her, she was “filled with fear.”

In the chorus, the narrator sees that the light had helped her to hear the voice of a higher power and she adds “you touch me, you feel me, go ahead and touch me.” Once again, our storyteller reminds us to "keep holding on to the faith, when you feel lost in space.”

The narrator says that sometimes she doesn’t know what to say in her prayers. She feels despair at times and asks “why can’t I just die?” However, at that point, she reaches out and lets her faith touch her again.

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