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Synth Single Review: "European Love" by Synthehol FM

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Synthehol FM's European Love combines richly interwoven synths with a hopeful melody and propulsive percussion to create a dynamic, positive musical environment. A steady bass throb and solidly pulsating drums are joined by a resonant bell. Trumpeting synth calls above the pulsating percussion in an energizing line. Smoothly flaring synth chords support bursts of shimmering sound that cascade between the trumpeting synth lines.

The main melody is caressing and gentle as it’s carried on medium-high, string-like synth. Brassy flashes and descending sparkles cut in between the different parts. The trumpeting synth sings out in a melodic segment full of uplift and forward motion. The main melody returns, tinged by something more pained, despite its enfolding gentleness.

Underneath it all, the drums and bass provide a shaping influence. The mixture of the shining, trumpeting and string-like synths adds richness to the music. After a drum fill, the track moves into quick, flashing synth bursts broken by higher sonic flickers. The track goes out on dynamic synth carrying the musical motion forward and out into quiet.

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