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Synth Single Review: "Eternal Eclipse" by Lazer Squad (feat. Melotika)


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Lazer Squad’s Eternal Eclipse single featuring Melotika’s vocals is full of brightness, and warmth that emphasize the contrasts of emotion in the lyrics over a strong beat. The track opens on warm piano notes and chords with a soft shiver of percussive sound underneath before that strong beat throbs into the track.

Melotika’s full voice jumps into the music to deliver a energized vocal melody. High piano notes play a tight pattern over the swells of synth sound before there’s a build up in energy and the beat accelerates again.

The catchy synths climb over the powerful vocal melody before breaking to bouncing synths that glisten and pop into the music while the beat returns again and everything sings with a light and airy feeling.

The song’s lyrics contrast hope and darker feelings. We start out in loss and confusion as the narrator says, “I think I’m going insane, words are flowing in vain. What can I do now? The world will never be the same.”

There’s more hope in the chorus as the lyrics say, “Look up and see the sun, Everybody's trippin' out, taken back, shaken up and nobody even knows my name.” The feeling of starting over shines from the line, “Thinkin’ ‘bout tearing down and I’m singing a song, singing alone.”

In spite of the positive feelings, our narrator still asks, “What can I do without you?” before adding, “Look outside the moonlight shines your sun, it’s eternal eclipse…” The hope returns in the words, “You and me together, we can be anything."