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Synth Single Review: "Energy Fields" by Sandor Gavin & Horizons 1982 feat. Trenton

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Sandor Gavin & Horizons 1982’s Energy Fields opens as steadily pulsating bass and cut glass chimes carry a ghostly melody. The bass is palpably huge and the chimes are haunted. After a massive drum fill, a propulsive, slamming drum and bass motion rockets forward. Elevated, lost-feeling sounds float and Trenton’s vocals slide through the music. His vocals are expressive and strong, carrying a melody that combines pain and need, loss and hope.

Gargantuan drums and bass push on as crystalline chimes gleam. Trenton’s vocals are emotive and touching as dynamic drums and bass charge. Sparkling synths flicker and yearning, heartbroken chorus rises as light pours from chiming synths. A quick arpeggio spins and Trenton’s hurting vocals move with slowly pulsating bass. As drums and bass dance again, an open-voiced synth carries a dreaming, aching solo while shimmering synths add a textural sparkle. Twinkling chimes with their clear light support Trenton’s vocals as the song ends.

Our narrator thinks he’s seeing things on a “cool December night” as a “twist of shadows” plays a trick on him. He says that he thought he saw the song’s subject cross his path and call out his name as that person “takes shape.” He adds that he can feel the other person close to him “out there in the mist.” The narrator asks if the other person has something to say to him and wonders if they are returning to him.

In the chorus, the storyteller says he can feel the other person’s energy and the temperature changes as they are “coming through in waves.” He adds that the other person is just a “phase out of time” until their stars are aligned.

The narrator points out that the other person can fight but the more they do, the more they’re pulled back. He says that he sees the other person’s face in the mirror but “not the one I used to know.” He adds that there’s a new darkness in the other person's eyes. There’s a feeling of their spectral presence and the narrator thinks they “tried to scream” although he only hears a whisper. There’s no way for him to “reach across to your side.”

Those whispered screams are “lost in time and fading through the veil” for our storyteller. He is trapped by past feelings as he reaches out for “the light that shines through the other side.” He adds that there’s an untold story and an unsung song waiting for expression. The narrator says he’s standing on “hallowed ground” to try and reach past “the energy field.”

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As the song ends, he says that he can always feel the other person’s energy and that each time he feels that energy it sends “shivers down my spine.”

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