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Synth Single Review: "Endlich" by Scarless Arms and Star Madman

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Scarless Arms & Star Madman’s Endlich is about resistance in the face of oppression. A dark miasma of swirling synth whispers as ominous sounds flow in. A distant, trembling synth flickers while Star Madman’s voice calls out. The vocals softly slide and curl in tendrils over the delicately touching beat.

The darkness twists around and the elevated synth line travels above the minor key vocal melody. The drums stutter step and void-deep bass shudders while Star Madman’s voice echoes out into vast space over the ticking drums. Medium-high synth intertwines, and full of a sense of loss. Star Madman expresses the lyrics clearly as the melody roams out into the bleak spaces of the track.

There is a bleak feeling in this song as the narrator talks about turning off the light, leaving everything dark and silent. She adds, “Don't you close your eyes, don't you talk.” The “tension’s bound to rise” and there’s a danger of violence breaking out as they are “giving up our lives for the cause.” An image of constraint is created by the line “open hands are tied” while the “sleeping giant” gives up “rights for their laws."

The translation of the German chorus is, “finally, finally we are free.” There’s a note of caution as the narrator warns her audience to “brace for our demise” as they have been “marked as defiant.” She continues, “They sharpen their knives and their claws.”

The time to resist has come as the narrator exhorts the audience to be “smart and reliant.” She concludes, “Let’s begin the fight. Walk the walk.”

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