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Synth Single Review: "Electric Voyager" by Daytona Dreaming

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Daytona Dreaming’s Electric Voyager is rich with interwoven synths and melodic energy. It kicks off with reverberating sounds, surging bass and intensely shifting high synth notes. A ghostly, drifting and gently melancholy melody moves over the hard-hitting weight of the drums. There’s a rising, emerging quality to the melody as it moves delicately over the bass depths below it.

There’s a surging heartbeat to the music as the widely expanding, medium-high synth calls out in notes that feel lost. The track breaks into a steady bass and drum pulse as ghostly notes flow into open space above. There are descending lines of bass as the music reaches a crescendo and the distant, sadly floating melody is carried on a synth full of glowing light.

The drums pack a punch as they underpin the melody. A descending medium-low synth line shifts, cascading down as the wandering melody keeps drifting through over the drumbeat and bass weight. There’s a lot of layering and mixing of diverse parts in this track to create a cohesive track.

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