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Synth Single Review: "Electric "Neon Miami Midnight Night City Neon Dream Sky Cruise Drive" by Die, Miami, Die!

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Die, Miami, Die!’s Electric Neon Miami Midnight Night City Neon Dream Sky Cruise Drive is a fun take on a laidback, chilled out synth track. Distantly twisting and diffuse sounds open the track as they float pass. Clarity comes to the music as massive, retro drums throb. Rounded, medium-high synth gleams in a gently uplifting and enfolding melody.

Bursting, varied percussion sounds add interest while strong bass pulsates. Twinkling, rippling arpeggios dance against a mistily floating background, while sharp synth glows with sunny light. After a drum fill, rebounding dynamism fills the music while full-sounding synth glides. Now the track briefly grows indistinct before the drums take on a smoother, steadier pulse.

Piano notes cut through the gritty bass, echoed by nasal-sounding synth. The glittering lead synth carries the laidback melody as the lively percussion and solid bass drive the track. There’s a moment in which shimmering arpeggios whirl through the easy-going background. There’s a gentleness and shine in the arpeggios. Drums flourish and the “A” section returns before brassy, full-synth cries out and silence falls.

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