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Synth Single Review: "Echoes of the Bifrost" by Zitilites

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Zitilites’ Echoes of the Bifrost is a intertwining journey of synth sounds that unfolds out in to empty space. The Bifrost was the great rainbow bridge between Midgard (the world of humans) and Asgard (the world of the gods) in Norse mythology and this track is full of shimmering synths, the sweeping emptiness of space and driving energy.

The track opens with dark depths of thick bass that grow in power, echoing into open space as a shine of higher synth sound moves over a weighty bass pulse with a gritty edge to it. There’s a lost sound to the extended, trumpeting synth notes as a quickly revolving arpeggio moves behind them.

The arpeggio whirls and dances out over the steady throb of rough-edged bass and drums along with a pulsing growl of synth. Bright chimes glimmer, delicate and crystalline, into the open space around them.

A nasal, spacy synth begins to call out an uplifting, energetic pattern before a secondary synth line, dark and thick, moves in a broken pattern as high chimes sparkle in the background. The drums throb out their beat and harsher sounds shift under the high, descending synth line above them.

There’s an aggressive, howling melodic line that trumpets over the harder cutting sounds and a bouncing, moving high synth with a sharpness jumps and wriggles through the track. A high, dense synth spins out another leaping, wild solo over the soft glide in the background. We end on trumpeting notes and silence.

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