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Synth Single Review: "Easy" by Infra Violet

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Infra Violet’s Easy explores the challenges of self-realization in the midst of life’s complexities. Bethany Munroe’s voice flows into the song along with gleaming chimes flashing before the ear-catching, gliding melody is carried by her expressive vocals. The driving drums throb and now the chorus swells and soars,

Bethany Munroe’s singing is deeply emotive and powerful as the song charges on. The music glides and shines to support the strong vocal expression and the throbbing drumbeat guides the song. Now keyboard notes add a richer quality before Bethany Munroe’s guitar sings out, carrying a melody that is expressive and a little aching. The chorus flies above the drum pulse and the glittering synths before the song ends.

It’s unclear to whom the narrator is speaking in this song. Is it herself or someone outside of her? As the song begins she asks “How did you get all of these bruises for someone who don’t fight in their own corner?” She wonders how “you” ended up with so much heartbreak for a person who “don’t get any nearer.” Our narrator asks the person she’s addressing if they aren’t tired of hiding as she says “take up space to spite them.”

In the chorus, the narrator addresses either herself or the other person and reminds them that life is as “tough as you are, darling.” She asks them to look in the mirror and say that they won’t “take it easy on you.” Our narrator urges them not to hide anything as they “choose fight or flight.” She adds that either herself or the other person needs to “look into your eyes and find it.” She remains resolute as she repeats that she won’t take it easy on “you.”

Our narrator wonders how the person to whom she is speaking got so scared. She reminds that person that “fear is behind you, not before you.” She asks them if they’re not tired of freezing and reminds them to “take your breath, release it.” In the end, the narrator encourages them by saying “take your time, you’ll get it right.”

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