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Synth Single Review: "Easy On Me" by Thorisson & Seersha

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Thorisson & Seersha’s Easy On Me is a song about love bringing escape from darkness. A crackling vinyl record sound and distant, full-sounding synth join Seersha’s lush, emotive vocals carrying a melody combining hope and trepidation.

Steadily throbbing bass is cut by tremulous guitar before drums charge in, lifting the energy levels.Rapid bass rushes and above the percussion, Seersha’s voice leaps with impassioned expression.

Brightly gleaming synth dances through the song now. After a brief drop in volume, a slower bass oscillation joins the drums that reverberate as Seersha’s voice aches.Yearning mixes with positive emotion in the chorus as drums burst.

A slower segment comes in along with affectionate vocals as Thorisson’s sax unfurls in a reedy, heart-felt solo. The song ends on the flying, aspirational chorus and the bursting drums with the bass pulsating below them.

Our narrator talks about the “dark shadows” and “tangled thoughts” filling her head. She says that the song’s subject can “break down the door and let your light shine.” She asks that person to stay with her and reassure her because “it’s felt a little heavy lately.” She adds that she’d struggle to survive without the other person holding her hand. The narrator concludes that “you always take it easy on me.”

The storyteller talks about the stars that shine in her sky fading out “one by one…until they die.” She says that the other person comes out of the darkness and brings “the night to life.” As that person looks into her eyes, she says that “I feel the love inside me come alive.” Ultimately she realizes that she can rely on the other person and that “we’ll be alright.”

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