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Synth Single Review: "Dust To Dust" by Tommy Speechless & Sandor Gavin

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Tommy Speechless & Sandor Gavin’s Dust To Dust is an exploration of humanity's darkly destructive impulses. Hollow, distorted synth echoes into open space as a pumping snare drum slams along with hard-hitting bass to kick off the song. Reverent sound rises in the distance as broadly wandering, shining arpeggios shift along with towering bass.

Sandor Gavin’s vocals are full of melancholy expression as they carry a mysterious, haunted melody. Arpeggios flicker and open-voiced synth calls out. Driving drums and pounding bass add speeding motion as gleaming, elevated synth carries a propulsive melody. Airy, spaced out sounds swirl through the song and Sandor Gavin’s voice trembles with feeling.

Slamming drums and sharp-edged bass press on as synth tendrils intertwine around the vocal melody. Arpeggios keep dancing as the unrelenting drums and bass push on. Flaring synth sings the dynamic and shadow tinged melody before fading out on distorted sound waves.

Our narrator talks about how people have “a hole run right through our hearts” that we try to fill with “love and destruction.” The cycle of destruction and rebuilding keeps repeating as “dust to dust, we return to oblivion.” He goes on to talk about how with “fire and lust” we are all kissed by the darkness. Ultimately we are like “metal to rust” as we go from “earth and ashes” to dust.

The storyteller says that he tries to do the right things but “darkness always catches my eye.” He addresses another person and says that their heart is on fire and is “burning bright.” He’s like a moth drawn to a flame and trapped by its glow. The other person beckons him down to the river of Lethe to find oblivion as “hand in hand, we face decay.”

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