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Synth Single Review: "Dreams & Doubts" by Kaisland

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Kaisland’s Dreams & Doubts is a wistful, emotional song with a caressing, sparkling synth backing. It begins with a steady, smooth pulse of bass and drums that is joined by slowly descending synth with a minor key shadow to it. The drums throb with a smooth slide as the expressive vocals come in, aching with pained emotion.

The steady heartbeat of drums and bass moves below the melancholy vocal melody and the rising, swirling synth carrying a wandering melodic line. The slowly shifting, gentle synth is tinged with hope along with more painful emotions as the beat keeps up its pulse. The vocals express the mixture of loss and love as the synths glide and brighter glow suffuses them as they flash around the vocal melody and through the main synth line before fading out.

There’s a plaintive quality and a feeling of regret to the lyrics as the song begins. The narrator says that he tried “time after time” not to let down the person he loved. He expresses the idea that he was trying to deserve that person. Now he says, “What a waste of a life I leave here forevermore.”

In his sleepless night, the narrator says “I lie here debating…fist full of lies, I cry out in pain” but there’s no one to listen to him and no one who hears. While “it hurts sometimes to lose you” he still realizes that he wasn’t “ready for the lies you’d tell.”

In spite of all of it, the narrator is still ready for the object of his affection to call him up and “I’ll be right here to bring you down, swallow all your dreams and doubts.” Time passes and he feels the same as he reaches “for a line” and cries out a name, but now “no one believes me, nobody needs me any more.”

There’s a strong image of him falling backwards and sinking “through the sands of time.” He remembers the words that betrayed him, but still asks, “Could we take this life and leave here forevermore?”

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