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Synth Single Review: "Do It All Again" by John Cao featuring Kay V.


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John Cao's single Do It All Again (feat. Kay V) has some fun ‘90s hip hop and R&B vibes and a quality of playfulness that’s infectious. The song starts off with solid, deep drums and funky percussion. John Cao’s voice adds a classic touch of pop mixed in with those hip hop vibes and there’s a great deal of bright energy and cool orchestra hits to boost the song.

John Cao’s warm vocals keep increasing the sense of fun as he sings the catchy vocal melody. Now Kay V’s rhymes hit while the solid bass and drums emphasize the punchy words and again that bright chorus and the orchestra hits keep smacking into the track.

This song is a tale of life becoming a blur of fun. Our narrator is paying the price of having woken up in the wrong bed again. He’s managed to lose his card and crack his phone so he says, “I’m blamin’ fate ‘cause I make way less than I spend.” The last night may have been a blur but our narrator points out, “[I] keep sayin’ that I’ll change but I kinda love my life.”

Now we get the fun chorus that talks about how when he rolls up, he’ll “pour my ‘mosa up, make that champagne pop ‘cause it’s goin’ down when I’m rollin’ top down and I blast that sound.”

The narrator wishes that all he had to do was to “press replay” and that “they tell me what to do, but I do it my way.” He says that people might think he’s a fool for “the way I play” but “I ain’t follow no rules, no regrets to date.” In any event he’s ready to “call your friends do it all again, call your friends do it one more time.”

He’s forced to order water “ ‘cause my wallet is tanked” along with the fact that his hair’s a mess and his clothes are trashed “three days in a row” and his friends tell him that he doesn’t want to know what happened. There’s a fun verbal shrug in the lines, “still got that buzz so I keep it goin’ right, six hours till I’m up but I'm feelin’ hella fine.”

Kay V’s rhyming has some great lyrical play in it. I especially liked the flow in “I'm takin' shots, we ain’t talkin' 'bout no sip sip from this liquor, pissy yellow like a Simpson, no lightweights ain’t no need for supervision.”

The wordplay’s also fun in lines like, “he got a mack and it's fast, not a black truck, put ya hands out the roof when they pass us” and I really enjoyed the rhyme, “With John Cao, we poppin' it like pow, like Doja Cat, I’m a cow, like Post, he sayin' wow.”

The light, fun and entertaining nature of Do It All Again is a great way for John Cao to kick off his musical 2021.