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Synth Single Pre-Release Review: "Desert Love" by Palm Lakes

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Palm Lakes’ single Desert Love carries a message about love and its power to live on in memory and to leave deep impressions on our lives. It has a certain melancholy to it and a unique combination of sounds along with well-performed vocals and lyrics that strike a nice balance of emotion and imagery.

The song opens on the soft sounds of nature and drifting wind along with delicate synths that brush softly over the background. There’s a stringed instrument that has an indefinable exoticism to it as it moves into the music. The vocals are gentle, clear and warm over flashes of guitar and flickering piano notes before waves of bass rise under the soaring chorus.

We drift back into smooth flow and then chorus cries out again, the shining light of the synths sparkling around the lyrics. Now the beat accelerates, the synths cry out in triumph and the drums thunder behind the music, everything growing in intensity. I’m drawn to the guitar solo that leaps into the music, howling and passionately crying out over the deep power of the beat.

Love, memory and hope all intertwine in the lyrics of this song. I particularly enjoy the opening line’s imagery in the words, “I’ll tell you something about how we live our lives, leaving by the way we should ride up into the sky.”

There is a wonderful sense of permanence in the lines, “Oh the sun it burns and turns but never dies, like I would be in love with you every time” which contrasts with a sense of “desert love” through which we drift as “in silence we walked without trace.”

The chorus concludes, “In desert love, there’s only the memories we make.”

Now the initial statement of the song is inverted to “tell me something about the way you live your life” and the image of riding up into the sky from the beginning of the song contrasts with the line, “the highway is holding us on a straight line.”

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The mixture of nostalgia and tenderness is beautiful in the lyric, “All the stars they shine and find their way to your eyes. Just like me they’re with you tonight.”

Ultimately the song's conclusion echoes the idea that "in desert love there's only the memories we make, the memories made."

Desert Love is one of Palm Lakes' strongest songs yet. It combines a rich, beautiful and delicate feeling with the well-done vocal performance of the brothers and an ache and melancholy that I find touching.

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