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Synth Single Review: "Delirium" by BUOS

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Artwork for the single "Delirium," by BUOS

Artwork for the single "Delirium," by BUOS

BUOS’ latest single, "Delirium," is full of dense layers of contrasting synth sounds, melodic lines and a variety of different sonic textures created by the interplay of the different elements in the music.

Single Review for "Delirium"

I was interested to hear how varied the palette of sounds was on Delirium. There are chiming, metallic sounds, a synth that reminded me of some sort of stringed instrument and various high and medium toned synths that are all interacting and mixing. The end result is a rich mixture of contrasts and sensations.

There seem to be multiple melodic parts on Delirium including a melodic pattern played on a high, bouncy sounding synth and one small snippet at the beginning that has an oboe-like quality to it. I was also compelled by the leaping lead synth solo that flies and shimmers through the track. It had a cascading quality to it and a feeling of jazz-like freedom that I found quite enjoyable.

Despite the track having so many moving parts, all of those parts interlocked to feel quite cohesive. The elements moved around and through one another but didn’t feel disjointed or jarring. I find musical tapestries the most fulfilling when they produce a solid overall effect and I felt that they did here.

Underneath all of this, the steady mid-tempo throb of drums kept the track tied down and moving in a positive direction. The overall level of energy was maintained well by the drums along with the bass that held the track up.

All in all, I enjoyed the synth textures, melodic moments and harmonic interplays of the many segments that made up Delirium. BUOS has created quite a unique synth-based piece of music that makes me interested to hear more from them.

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