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Synth Single Review: "Days Go By" by Coastal

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Coastal’s Days Go By comes into being with growing waves of caressing, warming synth and a rush of air. The solid throb of the big retro drums launches into the song as a high shimmer of synth shines over the expressive vocals.

The vocal melody has a rising, dreamy quality as bursts of shining synth coruscate behind it above the solid drum and bass support. There’s real emotion that suffuses the vocals and imbues them with depth.

There’s a break to a doubled beat that bounces under the glittering synths as the song drifts into a delicate, gliding section. A guitar solo intertwines and spills out in a wild wave of upraised notes and the sparkle and glow shines out over the chorus and the relentless beat drives on.

Mingled hope, loss and memory are a defining feature of being human and this song explores the relationship between those elements. The narrator talks about the passage of time and how "now becomes then and the memories fade.” As the narrator talks of walking in the dark, he goes to the only place where “the light shines bright” and where “we’ll never lose our minds” which harks back to a more positive past.

The chorus talks about how they grew old and life grew harder. The narrator says “there’s no fight in me” which is immediately contrasted in the line “there’s a song in our hearts that we gotta sing.” As hope and reality mingle, the narrator talks about an old road where they can get lost because he “can’t think of anything better.”

Time hasn’t dulled the feeling of missing the person about whom the song talks as “now becomes then” but the narrator adds that the memories will always be his. Now he talks about how closing his eyes in the night as he can “feel the rain fall down.” He adds that it’s the “only thing that I can do to make me feel alive.”

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