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Synth Single Review: "Dark Horizon" by Screecher

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Screecher’s Dark Horizon comes into being with a hollow, sharp-edged pulse of oscillating synth and huge drums that slam into the track with a solid pulse. Screecher’s drifting, echoing vocals call out and the melody they carry rises in dark triumph. There is a shadowed energy in this track as the sharp-edged synth pulse cuts in again.

Screecher shows off his guitar chops as he plays an elevated, minor key solo that dances intricately on the strings. Sepulchral bass pulses flow out before the pounding drums burst in again and the track returns to throbbing synth energy.

Darkness and hope intermingle in this song. The song begins on the stark statement that the narrator never thought the world would end. He talks of the other person in the song as “an angel only God could send.” There’s a sense of danger and resolution as the narrator talks of shadows “dancing on the wall” and defiantly adds, “they'll never kill us all under the city lights.”

The resolute defiance continues as the narrator talks about bringing the fight to the enemy, turning the tide and bringing on a “dark horizon.” As the song continues, the narrator speaks of the song’s second character and says, “You’re taking back every word you said.” He adds, “I wanna try, I'd never lie but the blood is shed.”

There’s a note of understanding as the narrator says that he knows everyone gets scared. The feeling of urgency because “time is scarce” permeates the lyrics as the narrator says, “Make haste on the dreams you’re dreaming.”

The song ends on a note of optimism as the narrator says, “I know that everything’s gonna be alright. And I know that you and I are gonna be just fine.”

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