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Synth Single Review: "Dangerous One" by Dustin Felice


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Dustin Felice’s Dangerous One combines forlorn, but powerful vocals with an ethereal and energetic synth backing. The song begins with a smooth, cosmic glide of sound underpinned by full bass and a shivering oscillation of synth over the continual bass throb.

A whirling pattern of medium-high, glowing synth grows into the track along with a solid drumbeat and swelling synth chords. The female vocals add a mournful feeling to the track as drums hit full on.

Whorls of synth sound glide behind the distant, aching vocals and the hard-hitting drums propel the track forward. There’s an ethereal feel to the background music as the shining synths move in an interlocking pattern.

Rising walls of thick bass move with a choral chant of dark male voices before the dynamic, leaping pattern of medium-high notes adds energy in contrast to the sense of loss in the lyrics while the dark bass wells swell and fade.

There's a darkness, aching emotion and an ethereal flow to this track that creates an atmospheric soundscape which permeates the music.

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