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Artwork by Mara Guarnaschelli

Artwork by Mara Guarnaschelli

CALIGVLA MMLXXXII’s DRIVING introduces the tale of a musical freedom fighter in a dystopian future. The song starts off as glinting synth trumpets coldly into the music and dense bass oscillates. Creaky, computerized vocals add a robotic quality as the drumbeat becomes a shaping pulse.

Chiming synth bounces and rapidly undulating arpeggios spin before a triumphant guitar howls out a melody full of dynamism and exhilaration. The digitized vocals are tinged by a brittle, shining synth above the solidly driving drumbeat, gruff bass and spinning arpeggios.

A high, desolate sound flows as hard-edged bass rebounds and bubbling chimes add a rounded sparkle. The guitar leaps out, carrying a melody blazing with passionate energy. The song creates an image of a powerful machine speeding out across the desert as arpeggios twirl before silence falls.

Our narrator talks about driving at 300 km/h across desert land where “the road is everything to me.” In those desert lands, his wheels are burning and as he drives, he is “losing fears (and) the sky is nearer now.”

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