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Synth Single Review: "D Is for Dystopia" by theTh3rd

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Artwork for "D Is for Dystopia," by theThird.

Artwork for "D Is for Dystopia," by theThird.

theTh3rd creates unique music that moves between something almost industrial and sensibilities that verge on contemporary classical music. There is a tension between electronic growl and gently dancing piano here that creates some quite unique sonic textures. The one thing about theTh3rd is that he is never dull!

The exploration of contrasting musical elements is a strong aspect of theTh3rd’s work. The ways in which he contrasts soft, organic sounds like delicate piano with growling synths or slicing electric guitar ends up emphasizing those elements more strongly.

Darkness is an important aspect in theTh3rd’s music. Even when, as in this track, there is a harp melody there’s a dark flow of strings under it for contrast. When there is light, there’s a rough growl of synth that balances it. This sort of yin-yang in music is an aspect of it that I enjoy.

The track opens on a steady drumbeat and a rough growl of synth that has a metallic edge to it. An electric guitar strums slowly and a delicate drift of piano touches the track. The beat pounds in ceaselessly and there’s a well of roughness from which high, chiming sounds start to emerge along with the steady growl of an electric guitar.

The piano pattern moves over the aggression underneath with a contrasting sense of delicacy. As a gentle and melancholy harp melody flows into the track, it joins with a dark flow of strings underneath. Pizzicato strings come into the track, playing their own pattern before the track resolves.

Each single released by theTh3rd builds on the feeling of the previous singles. The elements that permeate his music are consistent and build up portraits of darkness and musical beauty. D is for Dystopia is no exception to this continuous evolution.

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