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Synth Single Review: "Cyber Tango (Alternate Mix) by Alan Elettronico

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Alan Elettronico’s Cyber Tango - Alternate Mix contrasts worshipful, gliding synth with powerful drums and deep bass to create a layered musical portrait. The track commences as richly swelling, caressing synth grows into the music with a reverent feeling while sweeping sounds drift.

Intertwining, elevated synth rises in shining billows as throbbing drums and weighty bass add support.The drums and bass become more forceful as the track evolves. A sharp-edged pulsation underpins wandering, twisting synth that flows with slightly mournful light. A chanting, repeating voice creates a mysterious feeling above the throbbing drums and guiding bass pulse.

Mechanical, creaking synth carries a shadow melodic pattern with a robotic quality as the drums hit hard. Medium-high synth twists with a mixture of melancholy and darker feelings. There’s a massive quality to the rising synth tide that drifts above the pounding drums. The way in which the track unfolds creates drama and strong musical imagery.

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