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Synth Single Review: "Crystal" by Color Theory, remixed by The New DIvision

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The New Division remix of Color Theory (Brian Hazard)’s Crystal is a unique and dynamic interpretation of the original song. Distantly drifting synth rings out as bass wells up and medium high, lead synth rises in an arpeggio. Throbbing drums and bass guide the music as the vocal melody mixes hope and a sense of melancholy. This remix has a breezy, gliding component that contrasts with the solid drums and bass. Brian Hazard’s voice caresses and emotes as the whirling arpeggios grow in power.

Slowly pulsing drums propel the music along with undulating bass. Brian Hazard’s vocals are expressive as the lush, glowing synths swell and delicate arpeggios intertwine. Guitar-like notes tremble out, imbued with intense feeling. Rapidly oscillating bass is swept by a windy sound into an accelerating beat that charges forward. Guitar-like synth flies in a glittering line and Brian Hazard’s vocals echo out, carrying the yearning lyrics as the song pulses on to a conclusion.

The song’s lyrics explore the complicated emotional terrain between vulnerability and a desire for connection. Our narrator hides “what’s precious inside of me” for fear that revealing it will cause him to end up alone. He swears that he’s not going to break down in front of the song’s subject adding “oh of all the stupid things to do.”

The storyteller says that he’s “been burnt too many times” to let the other person in. He says that he wants to “believe…be alive” and asks the song’s subject to “look into my crystal eyes where a shout of joy is waiting to be born.”

Our narrator points out that the other person slices him open like “a dazzling crystal blade” that he can neither evade or feel because it is so thin and quick. He concludes that the song’s subject “cut right to the heart of it and it only hurt a little bit.”

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