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Synth Single Review: "Crystal Displays" by Full Eclipse

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Full Eclipse ’s Crystal Displays single is lush sounding with clear, clean production as smooth waves of gliding bass sweep along with a gently moving keyboard line imbued with a sense of warm uplift. The keyboard melody soars out over the flowing ripples of sound underneath it and a smooth, steady beat and rising swells of sound buoy up the warm, positive feeling synth that comes in. The keyboard adds its energizing voice, the whole track deep with sound, filling the ears.

There’s a xylophone-like sound that has a resonance and an organic warmth to it along with flashes of brighter chiming sound under it. The beat and bass form one smooth unit as the track breaks to flashing light and the resonance of the xylophone. Gently climbing keyboard chord progressions move through with the easy smooth flow of the other elements in the track.

A slowly revolving arpeggio spins through and a crystalline synth flickers into the track as the beat adds energy underneath before we slowly fade out. Full Eclipse has again created a track that is well-produced and full of strong musical elements with Crystal Displays.

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