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Synth Single Review: "Creepwave" by Complex Creatures

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Complex Creatures’ Creepwave begins as a steady drumbeat and an electric bass form a pulsing groove. The bass moves in angular undulations to propel the music as the drums guide it. A dense, medium-high synth with organ-like qualities carries a melody full of reaching energy, tinged by more troubled emotions. Jassiel Gomez has a powerful, rough-edged voice and he delivers the lyrics forcefully over the driving drum and bass groove.

There’s seething energy in the music to support the brooding in the lyrics. Now the song drops into a section in which warmer synth notes flare. After a drum fill, Jessie Gomez’s vocals flow again with their strength and sharp edges. Now rebounding, razor sharp synths echo with compelling force and the melody flows above, gaining in power. Jassiel Gomez’s vocals have a chanting feeling as the drums and bass propel the music on. Slightly gruff synth swells into the main melody, the chorus full of depth and strength as the beat drives on.

Our narrator talks about how “dramatic entries and accolades” create a distraction to get oneself through the day, but even as one enjoys “the shadow’s dance against the wall” the narrator reminds us that we haven’t “thought to leave the dark cave.” In the chorus, the storyteller points out that “you've caught yourself in the pattern again” and adds that “they” must have told you to hold tightly to the expectations.

The narrator discusses how you mentally rehearse your lines and “repeat your incantations again” but when the same questions are asked again and again “you haven’t the slightest clue, how to feel like new.” As a result, “you’ve entered into the haze” as your attention is split into your days. Our narrator points out that “asymptomatic to the passing eyes, now you're dancing to the Creepwave.”

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