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Synth Single Review: "Cotton Candy Crisis" by AI Accident

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


AI Accident’s Cotton Candy Crisis mingles feelings of hope with more tragic emotions conveyed in synth sounds. Warm, flowing synth glides out in smooth whorls that have a reverent, meditative quality to them. The medium-high, rich and digital-sounding lead synth carries melody full of gentle and caressing feelings. There’s a small degree of pitch bend in the melody as it flows through the worshipful sounds that swirl around it. Solid, powerful drums hit as the melody soars out, tinged with heartache, but still reaching upward in a warm voice.

After a massive retro drum fill, a steady bass oscillation propels the track forward while the digital synths sing of hope as they fly above the beat’s pulsing movement. The track moves to a section in which the drums flourish and throb while the melody keeps calling out its mixed feelings of yearning and pain. As the melody evolves, it speaks of dreams and inspiration. The final segment feels more positive as the warmly digital synth spins into quick arpeggios and back into the melody.

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