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Synth Single Review: "Conspiracy Theories" by DJ The Darksider

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


DJ The Darksider ’s Conspiracy Theories single opens with a dark German voice over. It sounds ominous and full of threat as slamming drums and oscillating deep bass pulses throb out with weight into the music. Higher washes of warm synth that shade into darkness are joined by a British-accented voice flatly repeating the names of popular conspiracy theories. It’s very flatness expresses a sense of boredom, as if they are a day to day thing.

In contrast to the shadows that wash through the background of the track, the synths in front are full of flickering light and a sense of drift. There’s a delicacy to them that pointedly stands out against the ominous feelings hidden underneath while the sounds begin to weave together into a sonic tapestry that adds more interest to the music.

There’s an intense brightness to the synth here as the track returns to the bass deep pulse and shining and cutting synth sounds playing high flowing notes that wash in waves into the space around them and we return to that matter-of-fact British voiceover repeating conspiracy theory names, making them sound so ordinary.

DJ The Darksider’s Conspiracy Theories single combines a rich variety of sounds and a nicely contrasting sense of shadow and light.

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