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Synth Single Review: "Connection" by Life Patterns

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Life Patterns’ single Connection is full of glowing ease as it glides along and shines brightly, touched by contrasting darkness from the vocal sample. It’s a track with a sense of something ethereal and wandering to it.

Swelling, flowing chip sounds flicker together in a rising column of air as a piano, vaguely lost and distorted, moves through the track in gentle patterns of sound. A high, light chip sound with a chiming quality carries a delicate pattern of rising notes over easy percussion.

The piano takes the melody, sailing over the percussion, while flashes of shiny synth move with a similarly light touch. The piano notes and chords have caressing feeling that contrasts with the sharper chip sound. The mad ranting that begins to happen in the vocal sample contrasts with the vibrant, clear arpeggios and drifting piano sounds around i.

The chiming chip sound softly touches the track as the drums pulse onward. The ethereal musical flow is joined by a sharp-edged synth that cuts with a buzz into the clouds of pink softness around it.

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