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Synth Single Review: "Company Line" by Year Of The Fall

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Year Of The Fall’s Company Line is about the loss of humanity in a techno-dystopia. Ethereally rushing, slipping synth swirls in trembling, misty lines before as a countdown opens the track. Solid bass throbs and large drums reverberate as gleaming, chiming synths carry a pained melodic pattern. Wyndel Rett has a whispering, deeply emotive quality to his voice, carrying a tragedy-filled vocal melody.

The song has a deeply affecting elegiac quality. Drums burst and medium-high, trembling synth continues to hurt as a shaded distortion alters Wyndel Rett’s voice. After a drum fill, airy and melancholy vocals capture the lyrics aching emotion. Broadly gleaming lead synth drifts with ease out over the reverberant drums that guide it along with the slightly nasal, open voiced synth as the song concludes.

Our narrator is working in a factory with “every motion on repeat” to make cybernetic mods for people to “put into your bods, piece by piece.” The narrator says that the company for which he works can build dreams, “take your pain away” and fill people with “happiness” and perfection. He points out that “whatever you have been” they can wipe the past clean so “nothing will stand in your way.”

In the chorus, the storyteller says that now one doesn’t have to be “any less than perfect” so everyone can see it “in your feed.” The bridge section adds that “in your dreams, you can be anyone you want to be.” Our narrator says that there’s “function working with my hands” as he ticks boxes on a screen. He isn’t looking either back or forward as he’s “suspended in the in between.”

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