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Synth Single Review: "Cloudscape" by Maxx Parker & GeoVoc

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Maxx Parker & GeoVoc's Cloudscape is a poetic song with a lush and energetic synth backing. It starts out with delicate, jazzy synth opens the track as GeoVoc’s unique, deeply emotive voice, chiming light behind his caressing voice. The chimes are metallic and shining, echoing out as the slightly choppy bass pulse moves to support them.

Medium-high synth shines out, full of enfolding light as the xylophone-like pulse of dense synth notes shifts underneath the melody that combines positivity with a melancholy touch. A deeper, more solid beat shapes the track while the jazz-organ synth sparkles. As GeoVoc’s soars, the synths glimmer and intertwine, a rising line of light as now the pan pipe synth’s hollow, open voice carries a gently wandering line into silence.

Rich emotional expression and strong images emerge from the lyrics of this song. A feeling of emptiness permeates the line, “I walk along the still streets of the city that doesn’t sleep.” The narrator talks of how “they hold to the memories along the waters of the open sea.”

He asks, “Once it comes, where will it go? Will it fade or will it grow?” There are memories of distinct moments like “midnight rides, star kissed skies” that settle his mind. There’s a strong emotive sensation in the lines, “The wind against the river. The feelings that weren’t bitter.” He questions If it was for something bigger or just “another frame in this mirror?”

The imagery in the lines, “Moonlight falls upon the skyline, it opens under the sunrise” is clear and compelling. The narrator talks about how “the midnight” is nearly at an end. In a well-rhymed series of lines, the narrator talks about how “it’s like ecstasy, but harm for me. I just want harmony, so my mind can breathe."

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