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Synth Single Review: "Close To You" by Elevate The Sky & Starmadman

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Elevate The Sky & Starmadman’s Close To You is about the hard work and struggle that it can take to make a relationship succeed. Gleaming, warm synth washes through over a smooth bass throb as glittering, clean notes flicker. Starmadman’s voice is luscious and full of emotion as she carries the yearning, tender vocal melody.

String-like synths add a tremulous quality in the background while rich synth chords rise and the bass ripples out. Shining chimes sparkle while Starmadman imbues the lyrics with gentle emotion and the vocal melody rises in a positive line. The massive drums thunder and guide the music as the vocals glide out.

Sparkling synth clouds add sunlight while the whole song floats out into open space. The retro drums have a propulsive motion to them as Starmadman emotes in her expressive tones. Every element of the music radiates caring and love while the glowing synths flicker out over the pulsating drums and bass. The music throbs and glides along while the heart-warming vocal melody unfolds in a glistening, expressive line.

The narrator says that she saw into the future, but all she saw was that the two of them were older. She adds that she keeps “failing at all of my attempts to see more.” Our narrator says that she just “took a screenshot” and put it in a folder to remind her that “we are worth fighting for.”

The narrator says she only needed the other person to know that the two of them “never had our chance.” She hopes that the other person will understand because life had other plans. Now the narrator admits that she wanted and needed to be close to the song’s subject. Everyone “knows its true” and she plaintively asks if she’s just supposed to “watch you walk away.”

Our narrator points out that they can’t pretend they are living in a movie and that it’ll take hard work in the relationship. She admits that they might not win but “you’ll never lose me” because she can see “clearly what everything we have is worth.” The narrator wants the other person to know that "I tried but I can’t let you go.” She hopes that she’s not too late and adds that she hadn’t wanted to make them wait because “I’m bound to you by fate.”

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“Damn what I feel” is what the narrator concludes as she adds that she feels it “much more”every day. She adds that they only needed another day although “we said the same thing yesterday.” Our narrator says that “time has made a mockery” of their plans but points out that they stay and “my love for you will never fade.” She says that until they get their time, the other person will constantly be on her mind “until you can be mine."

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