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Synth Single Review: "Close Enough" by EM/FM

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EM/FM’s Close Enough combines his warm vocal style with some old-school R’n’B feeling and swirling synth lushness. The song begins with EM/FM’s strong, emotive vocals and bright synth chimes that ring out and double with the vocal melody.

Warm chords swirl underneath and the drums add a smooth, solid beat as the caressing, aching chorus swells. Quick trembles of delicate synth rise as the chiming, metallic sounds match the vocal melody.

The intertwining of the chorus parts adds more emotional weight and the synth jumps up in full, rich tones as the vocals climb. The gliding beat moves with sparkling accents of synth and the shimmer of the chimes. There’s a laid back quality to the music as the full range of melancholy emotions flows out from EM/FM’s voice.

This is a song about a deep love that has to go unrequited. As it begins, the narrator says that he knows nothing can happen because “you have a someone” but when he meets the song’s subject, there’s a “feeling that comes over me, I know what it means.”

The narrator does “what’s in friendship” but when the other person appreciates it, he “goes down victim to thinking of being with you” even though he’s not trying to do so. Ultimately he wants to “be close enough to show you a selfless love” even if that’s all it can be.

He adds that the other persons’ voice, hand on his shoulder and “the hum when you’re leaning closer” is the only reason he “comes to these parties at all.”

Despite the fact that “the walls will make their own stories” he’s not going to miss the chance to see her. He won’t bother trying to disprove the rumours, he’ll just tell the truth.” He concludes that he wants to be “close enough to see where you’re going” and that maybe his feelings are showing.

He adds that “time is short and life is long” but the closeness “helps to carry on.” He adds there will be “no regrets and broken bonds” and that they’ll “keep inside these lines we’ve drawn.” He simply wants to be by her side every day and he’ll let it be enough because “you’ll be in my heart forever.”

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