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Synth Single Review: "Change Your Mind" by Sander Matell

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Artwork for "Change Your Mind," by Sander Matell

Artwork for "Change Your Mind," by Sander Matell

There is something darkly exotic about Sander Matell’s single, "Change Your Mind." It has a mysterious quality that lingers throughout the piece, making it intriguing for the listener. Part of that exoticism and mystery originates from the breathy, sultry female voice that sweeps into the track, singing in a twisting minor key chorus along with a deep rush of bass. Along with that deep rush of bass, there are drums that have a heft and weight to them, but also a smoothness and a satisfying flow that permeates the track.

I was drawn to the soaring, rising quality possessed by the lead synth melody. That melody still has a minor key twist to it that contributes to the mood of the track. As it moves through the album, it is again joined by that sultry, airy female voice that fills the track and flows with all of the depth of a dark, sweet cup of coffee. The all-encompassing beat that drives this track is another element that adds to the fullness of sound produced by Sander Matell on "Change Your Mind."

The whole sonic atmosphere of the track is dominated by that fullness that seems to spread to every corner. I think that the production which creates a real sense of open space around all of the different elements helps a great deal as do the long, trembling pulses of sound that flow through the track and out into that vaulting space.

The slowly unfolding melody of "Change Your Mind" draws the listener sinuously into the music. There's a compelling sense of mysterious seduction that has imbued this single. The sonic depth of the different elements grows as the track continues and anchors it while still allowing the moments of airy drifting to carry through the music.

I found "Change Your Mind" to be a sonically rich listening experience. The spaciousness and depth of it along with those twisting, turning female vocals adds a real sense of power to the music. The layering of the different sonic elements also contributed to making this single something with a rather sensual, sinuous feeling to it that was enjoyable to hear.

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