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Synth Single Review: "Change (Do It Again) by Manhatten & Star Madman

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Manhatten & Star Madman’s Change (Do It Again) explores the aftermath of a complicated relationship’s unravelling. Glowing, tender synth moves in smooth pulses that echo brightly into open space as an active bass line oscillates underneath. Smoothly gliding drums pulse while airy, pipe-like synth trembles in the background.

Star Madman’s soft, easily flowing voice sails out with gentle emotion and the vocal melody yearns and dreams. Drums and bass form a guiding motion below Star Madman’s emotional, delicate voice. Shining synth skips through as drums burst. The chorus reaches up as rounded, heartwarming synth mingles wistful aching and more encouraging emotion.

Sparkling light permeates the music and the song flows into a segment in which chimes tremble before the drums rebound. Star Madman’s voice slips warmly through the music as rapid bass oscillates. Drums guide the music as the vocal melody rises, full of pained emotion, as the synths flicker and intertwine. The song comes to an end on spinning arpeggios.

Another wasted day causes the narrator to “grieve the loss of time.” She wishes for a place to which she can escape, but she realizes that “it’s time to face it” as her mind is made up. She adds that it was “too damn bad” that the other person had to show their terrible side. Our narrator concludes that “something’s got to change, I can’t live this way.”

The teller of this tale asks how long they’ve got to fake it before a line is crossed. She knows that they “can’t turn back another road” to alter what has happened. The storyteller is aware that nothing can salvage the connection or “keep the past alive.” She does acknowledge that they had a “good run” and gave it a try.

Our narrator is fairly certain she can make it out of the situation as she tries to “grasp on any hope that floats into my life.” She wonders how long she has to put up with it before “it makes me die.” She adds that she can’t “last in the same loop” again. The narrator continues and says that she thinks she can see “the truth eye to eye.”

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Now she asks the other person to agree that they are through as she can’t repeat it. She points out that a change has to happen and asks the other person when it will end. Our storyteller adds that there’s nothing left to say, that she doesn’t want to pretend. As the song ends, she tells the other person not to beg her to stay because “I can’t do it again.”

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