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Synth Single Review: "Canvas Of Life" by GeoVoc feat. Sam Wimer

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GeoVoc’s single Canvas of Life featuring Sam Wimer is song of remembrance about a place that shaped the narrator. Shining, full chimes sparkle over electric bass while GeoVoc’s gentle, caressing voice moves over the interweaving bells that sparkle around it. The string-like synth sings out and doubles the gentle, delicate melody, adding more substance.

Air drifts and quick rushes of sparkling synth glitter like sun on water. GeoVoc’s airy, fragile voice carries the song’s lyrics in a melancholy line while the weight and guidance of the drums moves the track on. The bass is thick below Sam Wimer’s passionate sax performance which adds a strong, rounded voice to the proceedings.

As the song opens, he talks about the places that formed memories for him and “made me who I came to be.” In the chorus, he talks about how “like a brush to a painting” he’ll tell his tale “on the canvas of this life's short story.”

Our narrator evokes an image of standing in the rain “as waves crash along the pier” but something about the water’s still quality “seems to wash away my fears.” As the song ends, he talks about how “like a brush against the wind, my friend, you'll write your story again.”

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