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Synth Single Review: "Can't Stop (Thinking Of You)" by 10eighty6 featuring INDIGO

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


10eighty6 and INDIGO's Thinking Of You is a dreaming synthpop journey. A throbbing, solid drum heartbeat and swirling bass open the song along with Indigo’s feathery voice and medium-low lead synth carrying a slowly caressing melodic pattern. The drums skip smoothly to shape the music and the vocal melody is delicate, carried by INDIGO’s voice.

The medium-low lead synth adds a smoothly gliding counterpoint to the bass depth. Positive energy fills the chorus, anchored by tapping drums and rich bass oscillation. Deep sonic wells flow in the background and INDIGO’s airy, lightly touching voice adds more emotion.

Drums and bass throb to add form and all of the musical elements slip easily through the music. The lead synth resonates, lush sounds enfolding the listener’s ears, before the music fades out.

The narrator talks about how she’s unable to see the song’s subject as they are “running in circles” and she can’t dream because her “head’s always lost in the clouds.” She finds it difficult to stop because the other person is on her mind, all of the time.

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