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Synth Single Review: "Can't Let You See Me Like This" by Daniel Adam

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Daniel Adam’s Can’t Let You See Me Like This begins as gentle sounds swirl as dense, warming synth chords swell into the music. Solid bass forms a steady pulse with a gliding drumbeat to guide the music below the rich, surrounding synths that form a caressing flow. The bass has a roundness to it as majestic, medium-high synth carries chords that rise and glow over the weight below them.

Now a resonant, vibrating synth trembles with organ-like notes that have a mournful feeling to them as the throbbing bass shapes the music again. Arpeggios flower and spin with an open sound as the yearning, surrounding synth chords grow. Piano-like notes shine out in fragile lines over the guiding beat and bass. The different elements all intertwine to create a deep and lush sound while the piano moves and the hollow arpeggios are lifted by synth clouds.

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