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Synth Single Review: "Calling Beyond the Veil" by screamershock and Tarabud.

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


screamershock and Tarabud’s Calling Beyond The Veil creates an ethereal atmosphere with a shadowy melody and emotive vocals and lyrics from Tarabud. A swelling, rippling flow of sound and a gritty growl moves underneath Tarabud’s expressive voice. Blocks of deep, oscillating synth are underpinned by the steady beat’s throb while light flickers from a hollow arpeggio.

An echoing vibration of synth sound trembles below the shadowed vocals as a twisted line of medium-high synth writhes through. The song launches back into the main melody, as the driving beat provides propulsion. The wriggling, distorted lead synth carries the minor key melody while trumpeting, broad flashes of synth cut in, adding more power to the music as the relentless beat presses on and the song fades.

To my mind, this is a song about the echoes of life that drift back to call from “beyond the veil.” The narrator is gazing through the mist to see “streets filled with children's voices” and feel “hearts lift above the trifles” as their laughter goes on.

There are “memories like snowflakes falling” of “mothers and daughters, bed of roses” while the “sons and fathers” are creating histories. The narrator talks about how “heaven’s embroidered cloth” is spreading at your feet as the calling from beyond the veil goes on.

Now the memories come “like raindrops” in which fair and foul are “near of kin.” The dualities need each other like “golden kisses at noon."

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