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Synth Single Review: "City Lights" by The Pyramid

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


The Pyramid’s City Lights glows with neon light, aches with sweet nostalgia and dreams of a retro future. Steadily pulsing, medium-low synth is swept by an airy flow of more elevated sound as it opens. Glowing, bursting synth chords rise and cry out triumphantly over the rushing throb below them along with clashing cymbals.

The lead synth melody leaps out on a shining, metallic synth mingling elegiac emotion with yearning and dreaming feelings over hollow percussion pulses. Pulsing drums guide the music while robotic choral voices rise with hopeful warmth. The memorable melody is rich with emotion as it glimmers out on broad, medium-high synth that shines and sings.

The music is uplifting and a touch melancholy as the robotic choir adds another dimension to the sound. Steel-pan like synths double with the choral sounds to lift the song even higher, soaring upwards as it pours out emotion. The depth and strength of all the musical elements join into a harmonious whole before the track ends.

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