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Synth Single Review: "Bye Bye Boudoir" by Karneaux

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Karneaux’s Bye Bye Boudoir is full of mingled pain and dreaming feelings. Massive, hypnotic bass rushes in and is cut by Johnny Ashburn’s shining, smooth guitar as he plays a flaring melody that rises delicately over the weight below it. Cathy DiToro’s gliding voice carries the hurting melody while ethereal synths form a smooth counterpoint to the charging bass line.

Round-sounding guitar carries the fragile melody, full of longing over a heavy drum and bass pulse. Gleaming chimes burst and rapidly throbbing, rough-edged synth pulses move while Cathy DiToro’s voice pours out expression as it rises, carrying a gentle melody. Hollow chimes sparkle to accent the music.

The song’s low end hits hard as open-sounding synth cries out. Slicing dark synth pulsates as the vocal melody unfolds, energetic and progressive as bass oscillates and drums throb. Glimmering chimes flash out before the soaring vocals mingle with drums and bass.

The storyteller talks about the other person saying goodbye which made her feel unwell. She tells that person she’s “hanging up ‘cause I’m not hung up on you" and that person can’t tell he what she shouldn’t do any longer. She got well and asks if the song’s subject has done so as well. When she found out, she started to run again.

Now our narrator says that she doesn’t need what has happened, can’t believe it and didn’t see it coming so “I'm running, faster and faster away.” She says that she can’t “go through the motions without the devotion in life” and adds that she’s exhausted with running away.

She adds that when the other person says goodbye, she’s tired of running from them. She adds that she will find the other person and they will divide themselves this time because “I'm tired of making a way, I’m tired of running away.”

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