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Synth Single Review: "Breath of the Tiger" by Starlight Foundation

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Starlight Foundation’s Breath of the Tiger is a blast of musical adrenalin and intense speed with Mark Vera's synths and Lightracer's guitar. A gong rings out and after a scream, sharp-edged guitar slices into the music in a powerful rush. Throbbing drums and dynamic bass propel the music forward and trumpeting synths blast out.

The brassy synths increasing the track’s rushing feeling. Lightracer’s guitar leaps in with an uplifting and motivating melody as the drums and bass thunder in an aggressive pulse. Flashing, intertwining chimes shimmer to accent the music with crystal light as the guitar bursts onwards. Gleaming, elevated synth cries out in a flying line. The guitar’s harder sound contrasts with the hopeful glow surrounding it.

Shining synth chords are broken by Lightracer's cascading guitar as it ripples out in intricate notes. After a drum fill, the main melody imbues the track with a sense of progress and speeding motion. Lightracer lets loose in a madly intricate solo that ups the sensation of blurring acceleration before the track ends.

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