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Synth Single Review: "Borderline" by Superdrift

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Superdrift’s Borderline is a refined slice of classic retrowave that takes the building blocks of that genre and polishes them up, creating a smooth and sophisticated track. We begin with a oscillating line of deep bass accompanied by a bouncing, metallic line of synth with a positive quality.

The beat starts to dance with energy as higher flashes of metallic synth shimmer into the track. A round, nasal-sounding lead synth calls out the energizing melody that bursts with glowing light. The melody trips along easily over the smooth glide of the bass.

The beat subdivides underneath a broken vocal sample while the throbbing, pulsating bass line continues on. A technological sounding melodic pattern trumpets dynamically into the music as chimes shimmer over it.

The track returns to the playful, dancing lead synth melody and smooth beat. The rich synth has a bell-like quality as it plays a pattern of warm sound that sings with the throb of the beat and shimmering crystal chimes.

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