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Synth Single Review: "Blueprint" by Ferus Melek

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Ferus Melek’s Blueprint has a uplifting, warm quality about it that brings a hopeful feeling into the music. It is one of those tracks that moves in contradistinction to the darkness and struggle of our current moment. It begins as technological-sounding synth pulses are joined by warm, vocal sounds rising over the steadily throbbing beat and oscillating bass.

Flashes of keyboard notes shimmer into the track before coalescing into a caressing melody over oscillating bass pulses and steady drums. The lead synth sings out a wheeling melody full of a sense of uplift as the arpeggios shine and spin behind it. The next segment of the melody is carried on a triumphant lead full of a sense of hope moves in.

A soaring, dancing synth calls out with deep passion and positive energy, bending a little and we break to shifting pulses of sound. There’s a tripping, singing solo that adds more energy and light to the whole track.

The keyboard comes in under the flying synth before now the bending, hopeful lead melody cries out again over the steady beats and bass underpinning it and it continues on, sun-drenched and full of a sense of possibility, before the track ends on keyboard notes and silence.

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