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Synth Single Review: "Black Sand" by Six Leaves Left

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Single artwork for "Black Sand" by Six Leaves Left

Single artwork for "Black Sand" by Six Leaves Left

Six Leaves Left’s single from the upcoming Deleted File Recovery album, “Black Sand,” is full of warmth, energy and a sense of being lifted up above the heaviness of the world to fly free. There’s a feeling of openness and hope that permeates the music and an energy that drives it onward as it flies.

Single Review

The combination of a shining, triumphant lead synth and charging electric guitar created a powerful sensation of being carried upwards on “Black Sand.” There’s a feeling of positive energy that pours out of the music.

The melody on the track is warm, hopeful and vibrant and it is given a sense of forward motion by the propulsive drum and bass sounds that anchor it. The beat has that classic synthwave exuberance and energy that I find so infectious.

I was drawn toward the feeling of something better ahead, a feeling of emerging into sunlight as the track goes out on warm synth washes that ripple gently over the surface of the track. In these days where things are dark and uncertain, this music just relaxes me and helps me to feel a sense of joy.

The way that Six Leaves Left was able to create these positive, warm feelings is what I most liked about “Black Sand.” The way the propulsive drums, throbbing bass, energized guitar and that hopeful, warm feeling main melody all combined created a feeling of being taken away from the madness of the world and onto the black sand and blue waters of a remote beach.

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