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Synth Single Review: "Black One Piece" by GrandBlaster

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


GrandBlaster’s Black One Piece roams through textured synth landscapes built up out of sonic patterns and tonal colours that are full of motion and detail. The hiss of cassette tape static and a repeating open-voiced synth wave are cut by sharper buzzing and shaded synth that feels more constrained as the music begins. A huge, powerful drum sound pounds in to underpin all of the other auditory elements. The music leaps out into a dynamic, evolving melody carried on open-voiced, medium-high synth. A wandering piano drifts in to layer in another energy level over the active bass line.

The main melodic pattern returns, adding a hypnotic motion to the track over the full drums. Synth piano comes in carrying a gentler, more light-filled note pattern, pulling the listener in close before we come around to the main pattern of interlocking notes again. The drums fade into the hissing background and a mellow, brassy synth trades parts with a jazz organ. This segment has a delicate touch that adds a shifting quality to the music. The dreamy segment begins to build energy again, ramping up before the main melodic pattern shimmies through again before the end.

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