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Synth Single Review: "Black Noir Theme" by Jokerhed

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Jokerhed’s Black Noir Theme captures seething darkness and imminent threat in synth sounds. Razor-edged, tightly clustered synth notes wander in a jagged line as breathy, cosmic voices echo out while resonating bass throbs and gargantuan drums batter. A glowing, slightly ominous synth melody drifts through while hollow bass oscillates and huge drums add threatening weight. A tense, string-like synth carries a melody that combines shadows, a sense of danger and something pained while open-voiced, throbbing percussion underpins it.

Now full, elevated and nasal sounding synth shifts in quick flaring notes that flash out into empty space as the ethereal voices echo and the unique drums briefly pulsate while bass oscillates far underneath. The drums thunder and a darkly falling bass line balances the spinning, cascading synth as the track moves into a segment in which gigantic, wobbling, deep synth blocks tremble over insectile sounds. The track ends with echoing voices drifting into quiet.

© 2022 Karl Magi

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