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Synth Single Review: "Beyond" by Kaleb McEwen & Tony Corelli

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Kaleb McEwen and Tony Correlli’s Beyond combines energetic synths and dynamic guitar to create an uplifting, adrenalin-fuelled retro blast. Glittering chimes flit above smoothly gliding bass as a tapping drumbeat adds shape to the music. A retro snare drum kicks out and propels the music as the elevated chimes dance.

Kaleb McEwen’s guitar fills the track with an uplifting, dynamic melody climbing to the sky in intricately unfolding notes. His fingers pull emotion from the lush guitar, wheeling high above the driving drumbeat and glistening chimes. Feelings of freedom and rushing asphalt pour from leaping guitar. Now angular, oscillating bass moves as Tony Correlli launches into a solo full of positive energy and uplifting emotion.

The open-voiced, warm synth spins above charging drums. Kaleb McEwen’s guitar has a gruff tone that adds depth as Tony Correlli’s solo takes flight. Underneath the other sounds, the beat pushes on as chimes sparkle with sunny optimism. Above it all, Kaleb McEwen’s guitar sings out, expressing a sense of adventure and joy before the track ends.

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