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Synth Single Review: "Battle Lines" by Blue Nagoon (feat. Patricia Hull)

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Blue Nagoon’s Battle Lines is a song full of emotion and musical depth along with a strong vocal performance from Patricia Hull. Dense guitar moves in slightly distorted lines, feeling tense as it echoes out into the song.

A rough-edged bass synth oscillation surges below it and the beat echoes and throbs into open space. Patricia Hull’s warm, caressing and emotive voice calls out over the surging throb of synth and the dense, nervous guitar that intertwines through the music.

Bright arpeggios arc upwards as Patricia Hull’s voice aches emotively over the gentle, rich piano chords that caress. The song returns to echoing drums and a dark synth pulse while chimes glitter. The guitar cries out over the thundering drums, full of tentative hope. Emotion pours from the vocals as the song fades back into soothing piano chords. The track ends on arpeggios that drift into silence.

This is a song about the fallout of losing a deep relationship and struggling to find a way back to the person who’s been lost. The narrator begins by talking about packing her bag “full of regrets” as she “cut(s) strings and placed my bets.” There’s a strong image of hopes “trapped…inside a room with a view.”

She tried “in vain on dirty sheets” to find someone to replace her lost love. She’d been trying to find out “in the stillness of dawn” where it had gone wrong before “the battle lines were drawn.” Now she doesn’t know where the other person has gone, but she vows to find them.

Her dreams are of “falling through the glass” and “the desperate lives I’d pass” before she woke, just as she was about to hit the ground. She adds that “one of these nights it will be over” and the missing person will be “framed in light burst out of the night like the dawn of a brand new day.”

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She wonders, “When my love reaches out to you. Will you feel me? Will you know it’s me?”

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