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Synth Single Review: "Bass Rider: Through The Limit" by Grakou

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Grakou’s Bass Rider (Through The Limit) emphasizes the energy and power of the electric bass along with layered synth sounds that are interwoven to create sonic textures. A blast of expanding sound deep, funky bass and synth horns are joined by a twisting, nasal synth writhing over the bursting drums.

An elevated, shifting pulse moves above the ultra cool slap bass line that ramps up the power of the track even more. There’s even some melodic qualities in the bass pattern. A medium high, slightly distorted, twirling line of synth dances over the dominant sound of the solid bass pattern.

There’s a metallic and repeating pulse of percussion and deep, thick synth pulses again that underpin a medium-high, technological sounding synth. The synth carries a wandering sonic line over the cool and jazzy tones of the slap bass. The track has a drive to it from the slap bass pattern that repeats and repeats until we float into silence.

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