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Synth Single Review: "Banished" by Powerkørd

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Powerkørd’s Banished begins with a slightly buzzing, edgy synth that swells into the track with deep, dark synth notes moving under it, feeling tense and heavy. There’s a moving, descending synth pulse that turns into an deep oscillating pattern over a solid, driving drumbeat and a rather mysterious and ancient sounding melody comes in carried on a medium-high synth with an almost trumpeting feeling to it.

The deep bass throb pulses underneath the hard-hitting drums, while a rather melancholy melodic section moves in with chippy flashes of sound around it as it sails through, touched with warmth and sadness. The darker, heavier and more tense melodic section moves in again and the deep synth oscillations spin along with the drums.

There’s a melancholy, lost feeling that comes into the music, introduced by a quick flash of a harp-like sound. The drums keep battering in and a bright and drifting arpeggio rapidly cascades through the track while varied and interesting percussion underpins it.The rapid dark arpeggiating notes move under a more minor, sad but darker segment, crying out into the track and again mixing warmth and shadow.

Banished is another single that paves the way for Powerkørd’s full album and it gives a good indication of the interesting direction that it has the potential to take, so I’ll be waiting to hear the whole album.

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